Episode #23 Taking Advice


Show Notes: Episode #23 Taking Advice                                                                                                                                                    Welcome to the Monday mindset edition of the Real Estate Investing Made Simple Podcast.  In today’s episode, I talk about taking advice from other people.  Tune in to hear my thoughts.


Podcast Transcription: 

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Welcome to The Real Estate Investing Made Simple podcast, the show empowering and educating people on how they can grow, manage and protect their wealth through real estate investing. Now, here’s your host, Bailey Kramer.


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Hello, and welcome back to the real estate investing Made Simple podcast. I’m your host, Bailey Kramer. And this is the mindset Monday edition, where instead of talking about real estate, I talk about a mindset principle that you can apply to your life. Today, I’m gonna be talking about taking advice from other people. From my experience, people are very quick to give you their two cents, love giving advice. I remember I would speak to 10 different people over the phone, and I would get 10 different pieces of advice about what I should do with my life, what my career should be, where I should live, and the list goes on and on. And let me be clear, I wasn’t calling get these people. Advice. I was simply calling to introduce myself and network with them. Here are my key takeaways. If you talk to 10 different people, they’re all going to give you 10 different pieces of advice. So while it’s great to hear out people, ultimately, find what you really want to do and do it. Number two, ask yourself if the person you’re getting advice from really knows you, from my experience, strangers who don’t know a thing about your life will be the first to give advice. For example, if someone advises you to get a corporate job, but you are a die, hard entrepreneur and one time freedom, then don’t listen. They clearly don’t know you at all. Number three, never take advice from someone that you wouldn’t trade places with. Now, this doesn’t mean that their life has to be perfect. But if they’re not in the position that you want to be in, don’t take advice from them. Number four, ultimately, this is your life. Your job is to collect it from and internalize it to make the best decisions for you. So remember, this is your life, live your life, not the life someone else wants you to have. While it’s great to hear what other people internalize what you really want, and make it happen.


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