Episode #17 Crushing Limiting Beliefs


Show Notes: Episode #17 Crushing Limiting Beliefs                                                                                                                                            Welcome to the Monday mindset edition of the Real Estate Investing Made Simple Podcast.  In today’s episode, I talk about how you can crush your limiting beliefs.  Tune in to hear my thoughts.


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Welcome to The Real Estate Investing Made Simple podcast, the show empowering and educating people on how they can grow, manage, and protect their wealth through real estate investing. Now, here’s your host, Bailey Kramer.


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Hello, and welcome back to the Real Estate Investing Made Simple podcast. I’m your host, Bailey Kramer. And this is the mindset Monday edition, where instead of talking about real estate, I talk about a mindset principle that you can immediately apply to your life. Today I’m going to talk about crushing your limiting beliefs. So what are limiting beliefs? Simply put their thoughts in our heads that hold us back from realizing our potential? There are things we tell ourselves that hinder our growth and hold us back from chasing after what we really want. Having limiting beliefs are totally natural. It’s Something that nearly every single person on earth has to deal with. Examples of limiting beliefs are things like I’m too old, or I’m too young, or I don’t have enough money to get started, or I can never reach that level of success. Okay, so now that we have a good understanding of what a limiting belief is, let’s talk about how you can crush your limiting beliefs. I’ll share a story about something that helped me crush my limiting beliefs about real estate. So in the early stages of my real estate journey, I had the thought that I was too young to jump into multifamily and buy an apartment complex. And I thought I didn’t have enough money to get started in real estate. These were my two aluminum beliefs. They were many things that helped me crush my limiting beliefs. But the number one thing was hearing other people who accomplish similar goals to the ones I really wanted to achieve. And after talking with them and learning about how they did it, I realized that our stories were very similar. They also had limiting beliefs, or realized that their limiting beliefs were just a small mental Roadblock, that once they got past led them to their goals. So for me, talking to other people and hearing their stories gave me confidence. And I think the key to crushing limiting beliefs is first having a clear vision of what you want, and then develop a plan to get there. Sometimes thoughts in our head sound impossible, but once broken down, become a lot simpler. So if your goal is to buy an apartment complex, start by asking what steps he needs to take to achieve that goal. And from my experience, it’s best to communicate your thoughts with a friend, mentor or coach, someone who will be there for you and push you to chase after your dreams. Whatever the strategy you choose to use, the first step is identifying your limiting beliefs. Because without that, how will you know what’s holding you back? After you identify your limiting beliefs, seek out people who are in the position you Want to be in. So for example, if thinking you’re too young to start investing in real estate is your limiting belief. Find other young people that have successfully invested in real estate. And through those conversations, you’ll be able to pick up nuggets from their stories. crushing your limiting beliefs can take days, weeks, months or years, there’s no timeline. And you’ll know that your limiting beliefs are crushed when you have absolute certainty that you can accomplish whatever it is you’re seeking. And remember, surround yourself with people and content that resemble where you want to be. Whether it’s listening to podcasts, reading books, or talking to people. The more you surround yourself with that content, the faster you’ll be able to crush your limiting beliefs. As the quote goes, believe you can and you’re halfway there.


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