Episode #11 The Biggest Risk


Show Notes: Episode #11 The Biggest Risk                                                                                                                                                Welcome to the Monday mindset edition of the Real Estate Investing Made Simple Podcast.  In today’s episode, I talk about the biggest risk you can possibly take.  Tune in to hear my thoughts.


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Welcome to The Real Estate Investing Made Simple podcast, the show empowering and educating people on how they can grow, manage, and protect their wealth through real estate investing. Now, here’s your host, Bailey Kramer.


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Hello, and welcome back to the real estate investing Made Simple podcast. I’m your host, Bailey Kramer. And this is the mindset Monday edition, where instead of talking about real estate, I talk about a mindset principle that you can immediately apply to your life. Today I’m going to talk about the biggest risk you can possibly take. When you hear the word risk, what comes to mind, the standard definition of risk is the possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome will happen. Oftentimes, many of us think of risk as to the negative possible outcomes if we try something like if I invest in a real estate property, I can lose all my money. If I try to start my own business or side hustle, no one will buy whatever it is that I’m selling. Whatever it may be, the risk is perceived as the negative outcomes that will occur if we try to do something positive. But let me give you another perspective. The biggest risk you can ever take is not taking one at all. In fact, it is infinitely more risky to not take a risk. So what do you risk by not taking a risk at all? You risk the feeling of regret us the feeling of looking back and saying, I wish I tried that. You risk not learning something new that you might have really enjoyed. You risk not having all those benefits that you sought for by wanting to take the risk in the first place. Ultimately, the risk isn’t about what happens when we try something. Risk is all about what happened when we don’t try something. Chances are, you’re thinking about something in your head that you’ve been thinking about maybe for a while now. Something that you’ve been wanting to try or do and chances are You were afraid because of the perceived risk you thought you’re taking. But let me be honest, you were taking away greater risk by not doing anything to fulfill whatever it is that you’re thinking about because you think it’s risky. When you don’t take a risk, there are an infinite amount of unknowns. These create the what-ifs in our head. When you take a risk, you know the possible outcomes. Yeah, it’s always a little scary jumping into something or trying something new. But I would rather jump in and take that so-called risk. Then sitting on the sidelines, just thinking about what could possibly go right or wrong, if I will try something. Many people see others who take risks as brave people, like someone who invests in their first real estate property. But think about it this way. The people who seem like they’re taking the most risk, are actually taking the least risk and are way less brave than someone who takes no risk. When you take a risk, you’re giving it your all and leaving nothing behind. You’re going straight for the answers you’ve been seeking. This is a good thing. You won’t have that regret and you’re jumping towards your goal. By simply trying, you have succeeded 100 times more than someone who hasn’t tried it all. The people who have been thinking about doing something, but haven’t made any action, are actually the riskiest and are extremely brave. These people are taking the most risk because they aren’t putting in the effort to discover the answers to their questions. They aren’t trying whatever it is they want to try and therefore won’t be any closer to their desired outcome. It takes a brave person to say I’m too scared. I’d rather live with regret. But it takes someone who isn’t brave to say, I’d rather live without regret. Although it sounds counterintuitive, it’s true. I’m going to leave you with this. The biggest risk you can possibly take is not taking a risk at all.


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