Episode #7 Morning Routines


Show Notes: Episode #7 Morning Routines                                                                                                                                              Welcome to the Monday mindset edition of the Real Estate Investing Made Simple Podcast.  In today’s episode, I talk about the importance of having a morning routine.  Tune in to hear my thoughts.


Podcast Transcription: 

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Welcome to The Real Estate Investing Made Simple podcast, the show empowering and educating people on how they can grow, manage, and protect their wealth through real estate investing. Now, here’s your host, Bailey Kramer.


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Hello, and welcome back to the real estate investing Made Simple podcast. I’m your host, Bailey Kramer. And this is the mindset Monday edition, where instead of talking about real estate, I talk about a mindset principle that anyone can immediately apply to their life. In this episode, I’m going to be talking about the importance of having a morning routine. So about four months ago, I didn’t have any type of morning routine and normally got up out of bed. At around eight or nine in the morning. I felt totally normal. I never really thought of a way to boost my mornings until I read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book he talks About the idea that the first thoughts you have in the morning, dictate your mood and thoughts for the rest of the day. So instead of waking up and saying, Oh, I’m so tired, all I want to do is sleep. The book talks about how waking up with a sense of gratitude and purpose can make you feel a whole lot better and can positively impact the rest of your day. He walks through an acronym that spells out Savers: S-A-V-E-R-S. Each letter in the word savers stands for a task that is part of the so-called Miracle Morning, which is a morning routine that Hal Elrod talks about in the book. Everything is totally customizable. So you aren’t restricted to just following whatever the book says. I’m going to talk about two of my favorite letters from the acronym savers. The A stands for affirmations. This is my favorite part of the Miracle Morning and I think that’s the most important part. The affirmations are a time to feed yourself positive thoughts and program your mind to think bigger and give yourself the confidence that you can do anything you put your Mind two examples of self-affirmations include. I’m in charge of how I feel, and today I’m choosing happiness, or I have the power to create change. While it may sound a bit strange at first, starting your day off with self-affirmations has completely changed my life. I spoke about the importance of self-affirmations episode number five, so be sure to check that out after. And then the second letter I want to talk about was the s, which stands for scribing, which is journaling. You can use this time to write about whatever you want, but I have a particular journaling routine. I start the journaling off with gratitude by writing down three things that I’m grateful for. The next thing I write down is my three main objectives for the day. These three things will guide me and keep me focused on my objectives. And then I write down my short term and long term goals. I don’t want to spoil the rest of the acronym so let you go and discover them on your own. I highly recommend everyone Read the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It has changed not only my morning but also my whole outlook on the day. And if I can leave you with one thing, it’s just getting a morning routine that gets you fired up in the morning. So you’re ready to go and have a great day. If you’re interested in learning more about the Miracle Morning, go to http://www.MiracleMorning.com.


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