Episode #1 Introductory Episode


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Episode #1 Introductory Episode

Hello and welcome to the introduction of the Real Estate Investing Made Simple Podcast!  In this episode, I introduce myself, go over what to expect from each episode, and talk about why I decided to start this podcast.  For more information about me or the podcast, go to http://www.baileykramer.com


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Welcome to The Real Estate Investing Made Simple podcast, the show empowering and educating people on how they can grow, manage and protect their wealth through real estate investing. Now, here’s your host, Bailey Kramer.


Bailey Kramer  00:22

Hello, and welcome to the introductory episode of The Real Estate Investing Made Simple podcast. I’m going to take this time to tell you a little bit about myself. And then I’m going to go into why I decided to start this podcast and what you can expect from each episode. To start off, my name is Bailey Kramer, and I’m a multifamily real estate investor. I think real estate is one of the greatest tools anyone can use to build financial freedom and generational wealth for themselves and their families. I’ve set off on my journey to acquire multifamily real estate and build my real estate portfolio. I’m extremely passionate about helping others get involved in real estate investing as well and I’m always happy to talk with them. Anyone looking to get involved? I share all my best resources which can be found on wwww.baileykramer.com. That’s enough about me. Let’s get into why I created this podcast with two main goals in mind. My first goal is to educate people on the topic of real estate investing. I want to use this podcast as a platform for me to share the conversations that I have with real estate professionals from all over the world. To give you a first-hand look at the many different strategies and ways to approach real estate investing. Being that everyone has different financial and personal goals, I made it my objective to bring on a wide variety of guests to share a wide scope of real estate investing topics. So again, my number one reason for creating this podcast is simply to share the knowledge and provide high-level content to my community. My second goal is to empower people to get started or continue on their real estate journey. My second goal is to empower people to get started or to continue on their real estate journey. Everyone has a voice in their head that holds them back. the voice that says, I can’t do that I’m too young or I’m too old. Another voice that many people hear is, I don’t have enough money to get started or I don’t have enough experience to get started. This podcast will help you crush those voices that we all get in our heads that hold us back from starting something new. I’m going to help you realize your full potential. So you can have the courage to get started in real estate investing, whether that’s actively or passively and whether that’s in single-family, multifamily, or other assets like office buildings. Again, it’s my mission to help you crush your limiting beliefs. So you can see the extraordinary things you are truly capable of when you put your mind to it. So now the how, how am I going to accomplish my two goals of educating and empowering my community? once a week, I’m going to bring on an expert to talk about that week’s topic. I’m going to dig deep into their story and knowledge to give you actionable advice and a foundational understanding of the topic at hand. I’m confident that you will walk away from every episode with the newfound knowledge that you can use to apply Your life. Also, once a week, I will be doing shorter clips five to 10 minutes long of me talking about tips and tricks on topics such as mindset, motivation, and all things in between. I am committed to adding as much value as I can to my audience in my community. If you’d like to connect with me or if you have any comments on the podcast ideas on how to make it better or any other feedback, I would love to hear it. You can email me at Bailey@BaileyKramer.com or you can connect with me on my website http://www.BaileyKramer.com.


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Thank you for listening to the real estate investing Made Simple podcast. For more resources or to connect with us further, please visit our website http://www.Baileykramer.com. We’ll see you next time.